Insurance Finance Analytics

Improves profitability from premium income by analyzing Value of New Business (VoNB) from each product line

Insurance Finance Analytics Overview

The Finance department of the Insurance company largely caters to the book keeping and the financial health in terms of expenses, investment and also cash reserves for claim payment. Maintaining the solvency ratio and the regulatory reporting is also an important requirement of this organization. GrayMatter providing Insurance Finance Analytics solution with the following sub modules:

  • Revenue Analysis
  • Policy level profitability
  • Cash flow management
  • Break even by cost centre/ branch
  • Financial Ratio
  • Financial Reporting (P&L)
  • Budgeting
Insurance Finance Analytics Dashboard

Revenue Analysis

  • Gross Written Premium ( GWP)
  • Renewal Premium
  • Investment Income
  • Income/ loss from Re-insurance
Insurance Analytics REVENUE ANALYSIS

Policy Level Profitability

Financial measures , Revenue & Cost against the budget on a monthly, quarterly & annual basis

Financial measures , Revenue & Cost against the budget on a monthly, quarterly & annual basis for each policy as per Insurance company financial modules

Cash Flow Management

Compare & Analyze various Revenue & Expenditure heads

  • Cash flow
  • Available funds
  • Working capital
  • Treasury balance
  • Investment portfolio.
Insurance Analytics Cash Management

Financial Ratio

Business Performance

All Important Finance KPI’s arepublished on dashboard as scorecard. These KPI’s can be easily tracked on a monthly & quarterly basis

As per regulatory requirements calculation of insurance related ratios.

  • Capital management
  • Debt management
  • P&L
  • Liquidity
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