Avows Vision Into Reality - Insurance Analytics

AVOWSTech, founded in Malaysia in 2008, provides IT consulting, business solution implementation, internet/mobile application development & core business system support services to various corporate clients, mainly in Financial Services Industry (FSI), in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and India – using its Global Delivery Model backed by top-talent acquisition and established engagement practices. AVOWSTech also serves global IT companies and the leading solution principals in Insurance BI (including Takaful), Communications & Technology, Telecommunications, Government and Education sectors. Among its latest achievements were being awarded Best ICT Contribution of the Year 2015 in Golden Globe Summit. In 2016, it has expanded its wing to Austin, Texas, USA.

Global Business Counselling Insurance Analytics

Global Business Counseling,  is a multi-disciplined total solutions provider that enables you with the tools and know-how to achieve solutions-based outcomes. Established in January 2009, Global Business Counseling has offices in Singapore and Sri Lanka in addition to Strategic Alliances with global coverage. As a Total Solutions Provider, Global Business Counseling has an unrivaled collective expertise in strategy & planning, government affairs, public relations, sustainability, compliance, legal and regulatory affairs, human resource development, supply chain management, analytics, diagnostics, market research, and process improvement. Global Business Counseling has been associated with GrayMatter Software Services in delivering Advanced Analytic Solutions to clients in the Asia Pacific region since 2014.
The partnership is in 2 countries – Srilanka and Singapore.

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