Insurance Data Warehouse Model

Insurance Data Warehouse Model & Technical Architecture

Insurance companies around the world have disparate data sources originating from various front-end and back-end transaction systems like Policy Admin System (Life Asia / Policy Asia, PREMIA Life / PREMIA General, eBao Tech, Guidewire etc.) Claim system, compensation management system, Finance Systems, CRM, ERP and Call centre weblog etc. Our Data Integration and Insurance Data Warehouse Landscape will help you to centralize the data.

Our centralized Insurance Data Warehouse Model approach cross link with various application and transaction systems using ETL tool; thereby business users can access required information from single centralized Insurance Data Warehouse. This single version of truth serves as an enterprise-wide basis for consistent, timely and insightful decision support

  • ETL tool has been used to extract the data from multiple source systems including social media & loaded into staging area
  • Business logics & calculation are applied at staging area before loading the data into data warehouse
  • Insurance Analytics (IA+) admin console is built to create the roles & manage the users
  • Logical/physical Insurance Data Warehouse Model are deployed following the best practices of Insurance industry across Life, Non-Life and Health Insurance.
  • Data marts are built for each subject areas such as Policy, Customer, Claims & Underwriting for response time & maintenance.
  • Industry standard BI platform is used to build dashboards, reports & OLAP cubes for ad-hoc analysis.
  • Dashboards are developed using mobility platform; thereby users can access their dashboards on smart phones, iPad & tablets across browsers.
  • Dashboards can be integrated with Sales portal & provide single sign-on with role based access and data security
  • Advanced data analytics techniques like regression, cluster analytics, factor analytics, association rules are included in the IA+ solution that enable benefits like lapse prediction, cross-sell, up-sell, product packaging, pricing strategy, customer profiling, marketing campaigns and so on

Centralized Insurance Data Warehouse and Data Integration Landscape

Insurance Data Warehouse

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