Insurance Analytics Europe 2015

FCBI Event
5th – 6th October 2015
London, United Kingdom

Competition in insurance is heating up, and analytics capabilities are widely recognised as a key tool for gaining an edge.

According to AXA, LV= and Co-operative Insurance; analytics capabilities is one of the key differentiators in this competitive market. Interviewed exclusively by FC Business Intelligence, these three companies explore the journey they have taken and the steps still to be navigated with their analytics capabilities.

Get business insight from your industry peers to better manoeuvre through the evolving insurance landscape and learn:

  • How analytics is being used in insurance organisations and the key business objectives of the significant investment into analytics capabilities
  • Strategies to overcome the major hurdles to analytics success and an understanding of the key resources required including data, expertise and infrastructure
  • How analytics is enabling insurers to win and retain customers by better understanding customers and providing a superior customer experience

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