What is Insurance Analytics (IA+)?

GrayMatter Insurance Analytics (IA+) supports health and non-health insurers with the capabilities they require to extract insight from their data, identify claims, finding underwriting solutions and establish the value of indication based care. Our IA+ helps to optimize the Loyalty, Risk Management and Operations Efficiency.

How GrayMatter Insurance Analytics (IA+) will help to grow your business?

GrayMatter’s IA+ can convert how insurance companies do their business and intelligent customer experience is one of the most promising approaches to address these challenges. We will help you to leverage analytics in insurance and it’s possible to build a smart customer growth with emphasis on elevating the customer understanding right from buying to quick claim settlements and lifetime value.

What is GrayMatter’s Insurance Analytics (IA+)?

GrayMatter’s Insurance Analytics (IA+) is out-of-the-box performance management solutions especially developed for middle and senior management like functional head’s, MD & CEO of Insurance companies who are responsible for driving growth in a highly competitive business environment. IA+ covers complete spectrum of Insurance Business Intelligence modules from Sales & Distribution, Marketing, Claims, Underwriting, Operations, Actuarial, Finance, Balanced Scorecard and Lead Management Application. GrayMatter’s Insurance Analytics (IA+) covers complete Insurance BI solution in Insurance Data Analytics, Insurance Big Data and Predictive Analytics in Insurance business.

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What are the Key Benefits with Insurance Business Intelligence Solution?

Business Benefits:

  • Covers Complete Analytics in Insurance
  • Insurance Data Analytics
  • Effective Channel Management
  • Sales Forecast and Business Planning
  • Mobile Apps for Lead Management
  • Increase Persistency Rate
  • Improve Operational Efficiency
  • Reduce Loss Ratio

Technical Benefits:

  • Comprehensive list of KPI’s & Metrics
  • Covers End to end Insurance Big Data Analytics
  • Single Unified Architecture covering ETL, BI and Data Mining
  • Pre-built OLAP Cubes for self-services
  • Ready to deploy Data Warehouse Model
  • Pre-built Role based Dashboards
  • Smart Phones, IPads and Tablet Compatible
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